Odds are you know someone living with drug or alcohol addiction

1 in 10 of our neighbors lives with the disease of addiction. It affects our whole community. Let’s talk about it, share our experiences and work together to break down barriers to care.

Living proof
Graham is one of the many faces of recovery in our community.

Graham’s struggle with addiction started with a drink when he was a teenager and progressed to taking meth and living on the streets. After enrolling in a long-term treatment program, his mind started clearing and he found the spirit and drive to rebuild his life. Graham now lives in recovery, sharing his addiction experiences with school groups and through his church to help others.

Addiction changes the brain
Addiction rewires your brain to think you can’t survive without drugs and/or alcohol. It’s a chronic disease like cancer, diabetes and arthritis.
Recovery is possible
The brain can heal. Addiction care works just like treatment for any other disease — with medication, counseling and ongoing support.
A community conversation about the public health crisis of addiction is not just the best medicine — it’s our best investment.
The Math

The cost of addiction

The cost of addiction

Be a conversation starter
Learn more about addiction
Find treatment
Mental Health and Substance Use Alliance
Rethinking addiction treatment in Larimer County by changing minds and saving lives.
How we’ll get there
  • Present the science on how addiction is a disease that changes the brain
  • Give voice to those who have changed minds about addiction, those in recovery and those who love them
  • Articulate the real community cost of untreated addiction
  • Evidence-based approaches to treatment and recovery that work