Alliance Resources

Be a conversation starter

The Mental Health and Substance Use Alliance is a collective of 35 local agencies representing consumer advocates, education, healthcare, law enforcement, criminal justice and the faith community. All are working together to restructure how mental illness and substance use disorder services are provided in our community, making them more effective in helping those who need them most.

The Health District of Northern Larimer County provides these resources as a way to share information that will help you engage in a conversation about addiction and addiction care in our community. Initiatives like Changing Minds work when we are willing to start a conversation and share stories about how addiction has impacted us, our families, and our community. You can help turn the tide on the addiction crisis in our community by:

  • Using Changing Minds messages to start a conversation at your local events
  • Using unified terminology when discussing substance use and addiction, and eliminating stigmatizing language
  • Sharing facts, stats and success stories about addiction in our community
  • Promoting a healthy community by challenging stereotypes associated with addiction and substance use disorders

Feel free to share your tips for communicating about drug and alcohol addiction with the Health District of Northern Larimer County by email at: [email protected].